6/7yrs. Build-A-Story | Build-My-World II | Fun-With-Science

6+yrs. Build-A-Story

Story Building is a hands-on activity that inspires students to work together while creating stories using LEGO® bricks.

BRICK ON BRICK offers the “build-a-story” programme specifically developed to support creative writing, self-expression and, language development.

6/7yrs. Build-My-World II

Children are engaged in structured creativity and build around various themes and concepts.

They explore air, sea, land and space travel; they design and build different types of vehicles and investigate how they move. They explore their world of family, friends and animals.

They develop the selfconfidence to express ideas as they build and play. The programme helps to develop fine motor skills alongwith nurturing curiosity and creativity.

6/7yrs. Fun-With-Science

Course duration: 3 months (12 weeks)

Children explore GEARS, PULLEYS, LEVERS and WHEELS while they design and build a series of models such as car launcher, raft, measuring car and many more. This program introduces students to basic simple machines in the home and local community.

Key Learning Values


Investigating energy, force, speed, the effect of friction, reading scales, Fair testing and predicting.

Design and Technology

Investigating gears, wheels, axles and pulleys; working cooperatively in a team; using instructions in 2 dimensions to create 3-dimensional models.


Measurement of distance, time, weight. Counting, calculating, shape and problem-solving.

A system for learning using LEGO® bricks.

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