BRICKONBRICK learning programs are based on a well defined system for teaching and learning using LEGO® guidelines.

At BRICK ON BRICK we provide a platform for learning with an educational curriculum that follows LEGO® guidelines, well-designed lesson plans, student worksheets and quality teaching. Following the Play-Build-Learn approach, our programs progressively cater for children from 4+ years.



Learners are presented with real life challenges using a play theme that connects them to the problem.This awakens their curiosity and inspires them to seek solutions.


Every task requires students to construct a model with LEGO® bricks and arrive at a solution. To construct with others collaboratively extends this learning even further. Solutions that we create together are generally better than those we create as individuals.


Learners are encouraged to discuss what they have learned and share the knowledge gained during the Build phase.

Every task ends with a new task that builds on what has just been learned. Learners are encouraged to change or add features to their existing models.

Key Learning Values(STEM)/ Language & Literacy


  • Working with simple machines: gears, levers, and pulleys


  • Programming
  • Using software media
  • Designing and creating a working Model


  • Brainstorming, selecting, building, testing, and evaluating a solution and results
  • Improving on an existing model


  • Measuring time and Distance, fractions, ratio and other concepts.

Language and Literacy

  • Story writing, vocabulary
  • Storytelling, communication.
  • Understanding the world around us aged to change or add features to their existing models

A system for learning using LEGO® bricks.

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